Fast and Easy Detection of FII
    Lamp Human Prothrombin mutation kit (rs1799963)

    Risk Factors of Genetic Thrombosis: 
    An in vitro diagnostic test that allows the detection and genotyping of a single point mutation (G20210A) of the human Factor II gene, referred to as Factor II mutation, directly from human whole blood.

    graph FII


    Clotting factor II, or prothrombin, is a vitamin K–dependent proenzyme that functions in the blood coagulation cascade. Factor II deficiency is a common, inherited or acquired bleeding disorder.

    Inherited factor II deficiency is an autosomal recessive disorder that can manifest as  hypoprthrombinemia ,a decrease in the overall synthesis of prothrombin, or as dysprothrombinemia, the synthesis of dysfunctional prothrombin.*1

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    Test procedure


      RAPIDITY: 1 minute hand-time & 30 minutes amplification + detection 

      SIMPLICITY: No laborious DNA extraction procedure 

      EFFICIENCY: Perfect distinction of the heterozygote