Fast and Easy Detection of MTHFR
Lamp Human MTHFR mutation KIT (rs1801133)

Risk Factors of Genetic Thrombosis:
An in vitro diagnostic test that allows the detection and genotyping of a single point mutation (C677T) of the human methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene, referred to as MTHFR
mutation, directly from human whole blood.


Reliable genotyping of MTHFR mutation:
LC-MTHFR-LP kit improves dramatically the efficiency of the process.

Test procedure


  RAPIDITY: 1 minute hand-time & 30 minutes + detection

  SIMPLICITY: No laborious DNA extraction procedure 

  EFFICIENCY: Perfect distinction of the heterozygote


Positive Control
Negative Control
LaCAR reaction Mix 1
LaCAR reaction Mix 2

24/96 PCR reactions


LC-Genie III

LightCycler® 480 (Roche)

LightCycler® 96 (Roche)

CFX 96™ (Biorad)

Rotor-Gene Q (Qiagen)

& Many more to come